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Great coffee! Loads of tasty good flavorfulness.

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Very fruity and smooth. Has the Ethiopia taste and would buy again


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Limited Edition Crown Jewels -

Pre - sale only. Item will only ship when sold out. 18 - 12oz bags avalible .

These Top Rated small batch coffees come in 22lb boxes.  these amazing coffees will be pre-sold online .  Once the coffee is sold out, approximetly 18 - 12oz bags . We will Roast , package and ship the same day.  This is an experimental program , so I am not sure how long it will take to sell out and process.  I'm sure it will be worth the wait!  I am very hopefull that we can create a high end coffee program this way.  I will have as much information as possible for these coffees avalible for your consideration.  Thank you for all your support! 


Chris Nichols , Master Roaster



Smallholder farmers organized around the Wayicho Cooperative in Sidama, Ethiopia


Traditional Double Washed

Flavor :  Lemon ,Floral, Melon ,Brown sugar

Wayicho is one of the primary cooperatives belonging to the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU), one of Ethiopia’s largest and best-known exporting organizations. SCFCU is robust; there are 53 member cooperatives in the union and over 80,000 member households throughout the Sidama Zone. 

Harvest in Sidama occurs slightly earlier than in the more southern zones of Gedeo and Guji, and as a result the fully washed lots from here are usually the year’s very first top-quality arrivals from anywhere in Ethiopia. 

Wayicho carries out activities that often go unnoticed but are crucial for small producers, including training producers in best organic practices and investing in basic infrastructure needs like road improvements and establishing local warehouses. 

SCFCU focuses on establishing a certification process for local cooperatives, creating micro-credit for producers and investing in social programs on a larger scale. Environmental training programs, healthcare initiatives, life insurance, and educational opportunities are just some of the ways SCFCU strives to improve the quality of life for coffee producers and their families. 

Farmers in this area are truly smallholders, averaging less than one hectare of coffee cultivation each, in which they also produce vegetables for the household and local sale. 

Many of the coops today belonging to the Sidama Union began as independent processing groups sometime between the 1970s and 1990s, for lack of a greater export network. This lasted until the late 90s and relied largely on a system of local collectors and buyers, who would then deliver consolidated cherry to processors or export auctions. 

The formation of cooperative unions in Ethiopia allowed for voting power and higher farm returns from the direct exportation that unions can undertake. Certifications, easily earned through the longtime organic methods of Ethiopia’s smallholders and a conscious business plan, could be secured for price protection and marketing purposes, helping vast populations of smallholders gain small but meaningful leverage in the global marketplace that remains to this day. 



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Our coffee beans are 100% organic and come from the most ethical & sustainable farms.


Your daily cup makes a huge difference to the communities that grew this coffee.

From empowering farmers in Colombia to convert cocaine farms into coffee farms to [research needed] in [location] [do the thing], the coffee bean has and continues to bring so much good in the world. When you purchase from a roaster like us, you’re supporting real people and enabling change all around the world.

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Along with being the owner, Chris is a master roaster and has spent 20+ years honing his craft and obsessing over the details. If grit and grind has a flavor profile you’ll taste it with every sip.

Goodness for Everybody.

— We’re always looking for new causes to support.

Our most recent side project is Rescue Roasts - a brand where a portion of all sales go directly to a rescue organization or animal in need. If you have some ideas for where we should donate to next, let us know!

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