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You can currently find our fair trade organic coffee in 150 retailers and coffee shops, and we provide nation-wide coffee delivery, both wholesale and retail, with all shipments going out within 48 hours of roasting.

20% off for the first 2 months, 10% off for the life of the subscription. You can change your coffee every month , or set it and forget it!

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Cat Nap Decaf
Kenneth Bowman

Very good. We order 10 lbs at a time

Shekela Elam


Muddy and Metallica

Bought as a Metallica fan. Now Iโ€™m a Muddy Waters fan too.

Old favorites!

Have been using these since my son gave them to us for a Christmas gift. A variety of great tastes - chocolate, nutty etc. Makes a great rotation.

Moka Java
Michael Carlotti
Moka Java my favorite goto coffee

The absolute best thing about Muddy Waters Moka Java coffee is the consistency of the quality of this blend. I know that every morning my first cup of coffee to that last cup in the evening is always going to be terrific in every way. I buy whole beans, grind them for each cup and brew using tha pour over method. I know without a doubt every cup of Moka Java coffee will be great to the last drop in my cup. Well Done Muddy Waters Coffee Co.