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Bali Blue Moon
Lindsay DeRoche
Great Coffee

We ran out of our regular coffee one morning about a month into the pandemic. We dug around our freezer and found a forgotten bag of Bali Blue someone had given us as gift from a trip to California. We thought why not try it, so we ground it up and had the best cup of coffee either of us had had in months. The following morning’s cup was just as good, and we have been hooked ever since. It’s been over a year now and I can’t imagine having anything else in the morning. I love this coffee, it’s so consistent and smooth. I highly recommend it!

Partner Rescue
Jessica Shieman
Good Stuff

I mostly got this particular coffee because it helps animal shelters, and I liked that it was a medium roast (need more caffeine than dark). It is satisfying and does the job.

Greeny Blues Blend
Second package purchased !!!

here, I bought my second packet of this "Greeny Blues coffee" nectar !! I took so much pleasure in rediscovering this aroma and this intoxicating taste !!! Served with homemade maple syrup pancakes😋😋😋I highly recommend it !!!

My favorite coffee

I love all of your coffees. Your Sumatran was the reason I started drinking coffee 18 or 19 years ago. I live in Southern California, now, and your coffee is the only one I have at home.

I Got the Blues

Sumatran is my go-to coffee -- I try all different kinds and blends, but that's the one I keep coming back to -- and I'm really liking this blend of 50% Sumatra/50% Peru. The description is accurate, this is a mix of the mellow, almost sweet Sumatra flavor with the nutty Peruvian. Definitely worth a try if you like Sumatra or any of the Indonesian blends.