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Denise Bearding
Sumatran coffee beans

These are the smoothest, richest, and most delectable coffee beans Iโ€™ve tasted!


I Love Mud isn't just a name it's the passion behind the roast and it shows with Timor. It also helps to make great cold brew.

Feline Friends
Paula Hale
So good

The picture on the package of this delicious coffee looks just like my special feline rescue kitty. Turns out this is my all time favorite coffee; rich and full flavored with a hint of innate chocolate. So good!

Bully Blend
Jennifer Hadley
This is my #1 favorite coffee

I initially bought this coffee for a couple different reasons, one being that it gives back to animal shelters. The other reason was because of the flavor profile. I was not disappointed! This coffee is a perfect cup of coffee. It is smooth, well rounded, and has low acidity. I have made cold brew with it in a Fresh Press (highly recommend this method) as well as brewed in my coffee maker. My husband is picky about coffee and he likes this so much that we bought a 5 pound bag so he can take it to work as well. I am so happy I tried this blend!

Coast Guard
Tracy Bowen
Coast Guard is AWESOME!!

Actually every coffee we've had from Muddy Waters has been amazing. I originally ordered Coast Guard because of the percentage of Ethiopian (the coffee my husband prefers.) It was the perfect choice, Coast Guard is rich and smooth and quickly became his favorite!!

AND Muddy Waters customer service is Off The Hook!!