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Camel Rock
jared crow
Camel rock a delightful brew.

Nice and smooth, very subtle hints of caramel really well balanced with a bit of citrus.

good coffee!

I love the flavors! Delightful chocolate dark coffee wonderfulness.


yes, it is true! All the flavor, and caffeine!

Kyoko K
Earthy, full body, morning or afternoon coffee

The description says it all, and it does not disappoint. The smoky aftertaste is wonderful. This one is great with any kind of milk added, which adds even more to the fullness.

Early Bird
Kyoko K
My go to morning coffee

As a lover of light roast coffee, this does not disappoint. It's smooth but has body, one of the best roasts to drink black. My go to morning coffee!

Paws Cause
Natasha Dubash

I tried this coffee at a friend’s house and immediately had to order some for myself! The medium roast is perfect and I’m in love with the way it’s smell permeates the kitchen every morning.

Humboldt Blend
Darren Cross
Best as always

Enjoy the smooth rich flavor, not greasy!

Feline Frens
Carolyn Touchstone
Feline Frens coffee

Good coffee, got to me super quick and it helps animals!

Humboldt Blend
Susan Roberts

It tastes mild to me, in a good way. I prefer a bit more of a bold taste. I am enjoying it. I plan on trying all of your different blends. 😉

Camel Toe

This coffee will definitely do the trick.

Camel Rock
Jesse Parry

I guess when you buy 3 bags you need to do 3 reviews. Tasty.

Bully Blend
Delish coffee

I have tried a few different coffee blends and none of them have disappointed. I love everything I have tried so far and look forward to trying more

Metal themed coffee

Yea more heavy metal themed coffee! Not bad, was expecting a more "creeping death" or a "One" double bass, guitar shredding flavor. This coffee is more like a melodic parisienne walkways. 3 thumbs up

Earthy and Rich

The coffee was roasted and ground exactly as requested. The product was definitely of fine quality. It just didn't fit my flavor profile very well.

Kiley Hudson

Delicious! My new fav company and roast. Highly recommend!

Delicious coffee!

A wonderfully smooth, non-bitter blend. One of the best coffees I’ve had in the last decade, I highly recommend!

Rise & Shine
Christina Santos
Gram's coffee

You know Rise and Shine hits the proverbial spot, when one of the grandkids walks from his mom's house over to Gram's at 7:30 am, because Gram's coffee is better than Mom's. Just sayin'.

A Good Breakfast Blend

The product was obviously roasted with care. The grind was spot on as well. I've paid a lot more for coffee that wasn't as carefully crafted.

I tried it as a cold brew and from a French Press. I found the latter suits this coffee better and makes a good breakfast brew.

Chocolate 🤎

If you love coffee with strong chocolate notes, this is the blend for you! I make my own cold brew at home and deep blues is perfect for it, was happily surprised how delicious the end product tastes with a splash of milk.

French Roast
Jena Melvin
Muddy Waters French Roast

This is the absolute best French roast. It is bold but extremely smooth. My husband and I use a spinn coffee maker, and out of all of the coffees we have tried for that machine, this is hands down the best.

Deep Blues Blend
Karla Gingerich
Mrs. Zeke

We were on vacation in Appalachacola, Florida and had a cup in a little cafe one morning and were so impressed! It is so smooth! We also got a bag of your Breakfast Blend and really like that as well (I liked the chicken on the bag!😊)
The one improvement I would make is on the packaging-it’s hard to get the coffee out-especially in the smaller bags!

Honduras Honey Process
Michael Cortada

This is the best coffee we’ve tried for our Spinn machine. Very smooth and yummy. Takes a lil time to arrive but was worth it. Will buy again.

Bali Blue Moon
Sharon Chambers
Delicious Bali Blue Moon

Bought Humbolt coffee from Muddy Waters for the first time at Costco. Loved it so much that I went to the website and delighted to see so many choices and stories behind them. Based on reviews I ordered Bali Blue Moon. I love it! Telling friends and family to try as well. Great quality, you won't be disappointed.

Amy Thorowgood
Bigfoot is the best

Loved this blend and will be ordering it again!!


Great Blend!