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Gold Standard

Rich, full, flavorful, smooth. This legendary varietal holds up to every format from black to heavy cream to a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Bobbie Daniels
Ethiopia is life!

My favorite of all the roasts. I have six or so flavors I get shipped regularly and this one is just outstanding.

Costa Rica
Great Flavor in a Light Roast

Pleasantly surprised when we first tried the Costa Rica. Bought it along with a couple of bags of other flavors from Muddy Waters while we were passing through Eureka, CA. We usually buy medium roasts, but have always had good luck with coffees from Costa Rica, so we decided to try this even though it was a light roast. We love it. It has become our new fav.

Gary Till
Espresso roast is amazing

I stopped into Northtown Coffee in Arcata and had two amazing cappuccino’s. Found out it was your espresso roast so I ordered the three bag deal and now I have amazing cappuccino’s at home each morning. Truly the best!

Bobbie Daniels

One of my favorite blends. I don’t think there is a blend that I don’t like. Bigfoot is one of the handful of flavors I have sent regularly. It’s smooth, and not bitter at all. Love it!

Bali Blue Moon
Diana Fitzpatrick

Love my coffee Chris, no harshness, not bitter. Smooth sailing along the palate the whole way.

Giddy Up
George Pereira
2nd time purchased- must be good!

Enjoyable in the morning BUT great with a piece of cake in the afternoon!


This roast is among my favorites. The flavor profile is full and definitely in that chocolate realm. All of the dark roasts from Muddy Waters have a permanent place in my rotation.

Grizzly Falls
Susan Roberts
Good Coffee

I lived in Humboldt County from 2002 to 2012 and discovered Muddy Waters coffee at the time. Since then I have not found a coffee to compare. So glad that I can order it on line. Love your coffee!!!

Cat Nap Decaf....if you like decaf!

Having used Decaf coffees over many years, I can honestly say Cat Nap is the best I've ever tasted. Decaf coffees are usually too strong, and not enough 'good coffee flavor' right? Try this one! You won't be disappointed!*****

Good Guat!

Nice light earthy tone with a twist of lemon. Reminds me of the days when needed coffee to get through college. Good stuff!

Always good to have a Decaf option :)

After enjoying KIRK HAMMETT's Greeny Blues Coffee, I also wanted to try the Decaf option from Muddy Waters. Great to drink if you feel like having a strong cup without the buzz of a regular coffee. Taste is very rich, the aroma is intense. Not easy to make a decaf coffee that tastes this good (and I've tried a few).

Honduras Honey Process
JOHN Desilets
Good flavor but...

I liked the flavor but the beans seem softer and not as easy for my home grinder to handle.

Bully Blend
Jay Stare

Great coffee

Hannah W
Finding Bigfoot was worth it :)

Love it. Big flavor but not overwhelming. Recommend to anyone who can enjoy darker roasts! It’s Bigfoot also, so that really locks in the 10/10 status.

Love your coffee and mission

Their coffee is bursting with flavor. I got a light roast, medium and dark to try and they are all phenomenal. Freshly roasted and you can tell!

Unique Offering

Great coffee! Loads of tasty good flavorfulness.

Xanthe Wilson
Love these beans!

I use to order Muddy Waters but then went through no coffee/kerig phase in my house. What a terrible decision! So happy to have these beans back in my life!! Truly a must have in our household.

Savor this unique flavor

When I have the time to kick back and savor a fine cup of coffee on the porch of my cabin in Southwest Colorado, this varietal hits the spot.

FULL, distinctive, smooth, a "classic"

When I'm feeling low, nothing gets me going like Sumatra! It's not just the "coffee buzz"; it's the rich, distinctive flavor, especially the way Chris roasts this varietal. It's a dark roast, but not too dark.

Randy Archer
Absolutely Amazing!!! My favorite coffee brand

Every year I visit family up in Eureka CA I may sure to stock up on Bigfoot and breakfast blends. The best tasting coffee I've ever had. Goes with my favorite creamer perfectly. Hazelnut if your wonder. I wish they sold their coffee near San Rafael CA so I could just pick it up locally.

Paws Cause
Any day, any time coffee

Nothing finer than kicking back with my pipe and a hot cup of Paws Cause, knowing that I'm supporting a good cause while savoring the smooth flavor of this elegant coffee.

Lorraine Tower
Rich, flavorful decaf

Trying to limit my caffeine intake, as a breastfeeding mom. This was the perfect coffee to enjoy for a decaf option. I like to drink my coffee black and this did not disappoint.

Full Flavor Decaf

I get around with discerning friends of varied backgrounds. We all agree that this decaf satisfies our desire for an afternoon cup without compromising our nap schedule. As to the name, we are secretly hoping that we do find a cat napping ... just for fun, though.

Great tasting coffee

The Greeney blues blend is great. A little bit expensive though. I dink a ton of coffee so, I save the Greeney blues blend for Sunday mornings.