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Bully Blend
Serena Kenna

Bully Blend medium roast coffee from I Love Mud is amazing. It has a fresh, clean coffee flavor with none of the burnt bitterness common in coffee that has sat around and gotten stale. It is delish, and my kids and parents love it too! 🥰

2 lb Mendocino
Cherri Woolbert
Always excellent

Mendocino light roast coffee is always excellent. Smooth and rich, consistent in flavor. I make it with an Aeropress for minimal acids and oils.

Paws Cause
Hannah Woodford
Tasty :)

Love this coffee! I am always looking for ways to support animals in my day-to-day life and this coffee allows me to do that. It is also genuinely delicious. I ordered the whole beans. Highly recommend!

Love it

This coffee is delicious. We were visiting a friend in Arcata who usually drinks tea, but she got the coffee for me because she knows I love a dark roast. When I ran out of my “usual brand” at home, I got online to order the Deep Blues Blend (two bags) and will definitely be ordering more! Easy to do, and arrived right on time. 😀😀

Bali Blue Moon
Tamara Stachowiak
Best coffee ever

I’m a coffee addict and have tried a lot of coffee from many different companies. My family thinks I’m a coffee snob.. The Bali Blue Moon is one of the best coffees I’ve ever had! It’s smooth & not bitter tasting in the least. Even my husband commented on how good this coffee is. I signed up for a subscription because I don’t want to run out of this coffee


I have plans to open a coffee shop in the future, and I want nothing more than to serve Muddy Waters beans. They make every coffee more enjoyable.

French Roast
Jesse Parry
Strong and Bold

Really good flavor, one of the best French Roasts I've tasted. Definitely recommend any coffee from Muddy Waters. You won't be disappointed.

Coffee Bliss

Excellent everyday coffee bliss. Power to get stuff done. Bold flavor for when you want every cup to be amazing.

Good but Our Expectations Were Higher

We had the Humboldt Blend coffee at a Fortuna hotel. It was a great surprise. Exactly how we like it. So we ordered a large bag when we got home. Its good, but somehow not as good as we remembered it. Sometimes its good, but then other days it seems off, like maybe the bean blend is off? Not sure. We make coffee in the mornings with a quality espresso machine and in the afternoons have cappuccinos, so we've had it now several times and several ways, but its still not what we remembered. We want to give some of their other medium roast coffee a try - maybe we'll like those a little better. We're always on the hunt for the perfect cup of joe.

Carla Bolton
great roast

A nice roast, none of the oiliness. I use this in my Seaco machine and I can't be happiers

Paws Cause
Paige Schadt
Pawwws :)

This coffee is amazing and so good! It’s so hard to choose a favorite from Muddy Waters but this is one of them. Maybe also because the bag has a cute dog? Anyways this coffee is so nice and smooth. Love it!

2 lb Humboldt Blend
Suzanne Bashaw
2lb Humboldt Blend

Found this coffee a year ago while visiting humboldt and it’s the only coffee I have been drinking since. This company is awesome, coffee is always delivered when they say it will be, and always fresh and delicious.

2 lb Trinity
Richard Shilliam
Great Fresh Coffee - Good Value!

All of the Muddy Waters Coffees are good - still trying different roasts but it's not easy to rule any out. The Trinity 2lb bag was too good to pass up.

A new favorite!

On a recent visit to family in Humbolt County, I discovered this great coffee. I brought some home which didn’t last long. So glad you have shipping available. 💕

My Go-To Coffee

If I could only have one coffee, this would probably be it. Strong enough to get me going in the morning, it stands up to milk and sugar.

Lorraine Tower
Great Taste

This light coffee was very enjoyable with no bitter taste. I enjoyed it black to really taste its notes. But works well with honey or cream.

Very Good, but Questions

While staying in Markleyville, I dropped into a grocery store for a bit of shopping. In looking for coffee, and as the Airbnb place only had a drip auto coffee pot and no grinder, I needed pre-ground. Cat Nap French roast decaf was one of the few that I could find. Bought it and was very amazed at how smooth and flavorful it was. Once home, I went to the website in ordered three more. I love the fact that a portion of the revenue generated goes to animal rescue!

What came was Cat Nap, but in slightly different packaging and marked as dark roast. It doesn't seem to be as smooth and the flavor less rich. At least in my memory! Could the "Mr Coffee" type of brewing be better than my pour over method?

I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, but more "not as enthusiastic" with the coffee. Factor in the cost per pound after shipping and it becomes less competitive with what I can get locally.

Fern Canyon
Sheldon Heath
Fern CanYeah!

Earthy blend that wakes my crew up!

Camel Rock
Fabiola Demuth
Perfect medium roast!

The Camel rock blend is smooth with great flavor. This is our favorite medium roast. The only down side to ordering online is the shipping cost but we’ll continue to order.

Humboldt Blend
Maggie Branath
Ahhhhhh, love my muddy waters coffee!

The best, especially when you grind your Muddy Waters Coffee!!

Greeny Blues Blend
Gregg Healy
Bought it for the bag, love the coffee!!

Bought this because an iconic guitar was on label. Turned out to be a super high quality blend, strong but not too strong. No bitterness at all. I recommend using a finer grind if you buy the beans!! Oh Well!!

Great cup of coffee

We absolutely love this coffee. One of our favorites

Greeny Blues Blend
mike carrasco
Awesome Coffee

Bomb as fxck. Bold and rich with undertones of dark chocolate and molasses. not sweet, but very rich. pairs nicely with a fine cigar in the evening or as a bold wake up cup o joe in the morning.

Gina Waldon
most excellent

I might like this even better than the Humboldt blend . . . I'll have to drink some more to be sure ;)

Bully Blend
Paige Schadt
Smooth and delicious!

What is not to love about the Bully blend? I just finished my bag..sad but it was sooooo good! It was smooth, comforting and had a nice rich flavor- I always drink mine black to get the coffee taste and this one sure offered! I’m happy I can get some Humboldt delivered to my door in the Midwest, and better yet this coffee! Another best is this goes to a cause, and looks a little like my pup:)