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Greeny Blues Blend
Bill Sewell
Not my favorite

I came back to Muddy Waters because my brother sent me a Christmas gift of you Coast Guard blend a couple years ago, and I loved it! I like a good dark roast and was hoping Greenie would be excellent also. I like it and will finish this order but probably won't order it again. Greenie is good, just not my favorite

Dog Days
Jan Christensen

Very good coffee. Could you suggest a medium roast?

Early Bird
George Pereira
Almost out!! I know where I can get more!!

My wife enjoys full flavored coffees BUT they need to be smooth and not acidic-- Early Bird meets that criteria!

Coffee of the YEAR

I ordered the coffee of the month for the first time in January. I'm really hoping I can find out what was in it because it was awesome. VERY finely balanced, it struck a great balance between taste and strength, I went through the bag in just over a week and I'd really like to be able to get more.

I will also be adding the coffee of the month to my regular orders, but I really want to get that particular brew again.

Fern Canyon
Another Winner

We loved the Costa Rican from Muddy Waters but now that we've tried Fern Canyon its truly hard to decide between the two. A great cup of coffee.

Deep Blues Blend
Sandra Bell
Awesome Coffee

Best Coffee I have had in years!!

Gold Standard

I enjoy all the Muddy Waters varietals and blends that I have tried. The Humboldt Blend is my "go to"; I order it every time. It never fails to please my family and guests.


1st time trying Sumatra, and I was impressed!!! The flavor is amazing and the roast was perfect. Will definitely order again!

All the best flavors, 1 coffee

This is still my favorite.... Once you drink it you can finally feel like you have made it to the big time. Tasting notes are as described, and more. WONDERFUL!

french presser
Absolutely Glorious !

A truly wonderful coffee, roasted to perfection! Tastes great in a French Press!

Bully Blend
Alison Chang

I usually go for dark roasts only, but this blend is so delicious and well-rounded. I found my new favorite! plus, how can you resist that sweet face on the packaging?!

Humboldt Blend
Dale Rice
Fantastic Coffee!

Never was a coffee drinker, then my friend had me try the Muddy waters Humboldt coffee and now I’m hooked. Thanks for causing my new addiction. Seriously, you have fantastic coffee.

Honduras Honey Process
George Pereira
Picture says it all!!

Now buying HONEY 3 bags at a time!! I guess we really enjoyed it!!

Greeny Blues Blend
Blaine Boxwell
Greeny Blues blend is smooth & delicious

I was never a fan of dark roast until I tried Greeny Blues blend, but I’m happy I tried it!

Makes Delicious espresso!

This flavorful coffee made a wonderful smooth espresso! I will be ordering again!

Good Stuff

Good flavor. We are enjoying it and will finish up the bag. We might order another bag down the road, but we do like the Costa Rican better. The Bali Blue Moon isn't as full bodied as we like.

Best Decaf

This blend and the Cat Nap are among the best, most robust but balanced decaf beans I've had. Will be buying these for quite some time!

Ultimate Taste Test

In a household of self-procliamed coffee connoisseurs, this selection gave us the chance to “taste test" light, medium, and dark roasts. No surprise that they were all aromatic and flavorful. We didn't resolve anything but we enjoyed the project.

Marie Harrington
Muddy Waters Decaf

Best decaf available on the market. My mother in law will not drink decaf but one taste of Muddy Waters and she requested I order her a bag. Thank you, Muddy Waters for your wonderful organic coffee!

Patricia Schlauder

Your Sumatra coffee is absolutely wonderful. Each cup is smooth and delicious and is a great way to start the day!

Our right delicious!

I also first bought this at Costco looking for a replacement for my Kona coffee blend & a Starbucks blend I’ve had. It’s smooth non bitter and so delicious that this is now my top to go to coffee.

Costco no longer carries so I am ordering direct from Muddy Waters. Thank you for a great blend of coffee.

Bully Blend
Tammy Eads
"Bully On" the Day!!!

This is absolutely fantastic coffee. I love the bold, but smooth taste. It adds pep in my step every day. Try it! You won't be disappointed.

Half caf

Cat nap mixes great with the Ethiopian for a perfect half caf daily blend. Would recommend.

Feline Frens
Karin Henriksen
Awesome Company

The day I can't get Feline Frens is the day I quit coffee.

Organic, affordable, and smooth

I never bought coffee directly from roasters until we got away from Keurig coffee maker and k-cups (not great for environment…) I am a sucker for dogs or any animals for that matter, hence, I was drawn to this company when I was searching for a roaster that sells quality coffee with reasonable prices and offers subscription services. I have found THE one! Bali Blue Moon is rich yet smooth! I drink it black, no bitter aftertaste whatsoever! Definitely getting this one over and over!