About Us

Meet Chris Nichols, Your Master Roaster

For two decades, Chris Nichols, our passionate owner and master roaster, has been meticulously crafting exceptional coffee experiences. His dedication to quality extends beyond roasting; we ethically source as many fair trade certified beans as possible.

Every bag is hand-weighed and packaged, ensuring you receive the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible. We believe in unlocking the full potential of each bean, which is why we use a unique approach of blending three to four distinct roast profiles for each coffee. This results in a complex and nuanced taste that will tantalize your palate.

We prioritize speed and convenience, shipping your orders same- or next-day via UPS or USPS. Additionally, all of our coffee is 100% USDA certified Organic, so you can feel good about supporting sustainable practices and enjoying the purest coffee experience.

Muddy Waters: Crafted with Passion, Delivered Fresh

At Muddy Waters Coffee, quality is in our hands. Using 100% organic coffee beans, our owner and master roaster, Chris, personally roasts every single bag that leaves our headquarters. He does this with meticulous care using our 2002 30 Kilo Diedrich drum roaster, ensuring the perfect roast profile for every bean.

Chris's hands-on approach is our commitment to quality and freshness. He believes that every cup of Muddy Waters coffee should be an exceptional experience, and his dedication to the craft shines through in every sip.

While Reuben the dog (our adorable 10-year-old French bulldog and Boston terrier mix mascot) might not be able to help with the roasting, his enthusiasm for life matches our passion for coffee. He guarantees the quality of every bag with his love for frisbees and shiny green laser lights, adding a touch of fun to our commitment to excellence.

Experience the Muddy Waters difference today. Taste the quality, freshness, and passion in every cup.