When you buy our delicious, sustainable & fair trade roasts a portion of your money is used to rescue an animal in need. Each bag supports a different animal or oganization.


Our Mission

Furry, finned, feathered or scaled, animals improve our quality of life through service and companionship. It’s only right that we give back to them.

That’s why we, at Rescue Roasts, are committed to supporting animals in need through the simple act of buying coffee beans. Our company offers a variety of blends and single sourced coffee beans, each benefiting a different rescue animal or a rescue organization. We dedicate 5% of our net profits to various shelters and rescues that nurture and protect all the animals that we care for passionately.

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I love this coffee company!

Their coffee is delicious. I’m a die hard dark roast devotee BUT I’ve had a medium roast or two by this company that is yummy!

They deliver super quick, it’s fresh and perfect and they’re kind and easy to order from! Roast on!!

Suzanne Woolbert

Their coffee is excellent. Every delivery has been right on time.

It's so easy to make a change in my order. Chris is super to work with. I am very pleased to be dealing with a great local business.

Trevor Manchin

Fantastic, locally roasted coffee at a great price, delivered promptly to my doorstep.

I cannot say enough good things about Muddy Waters. The best!! Thank you!

Michael Carlotti

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299 reviews
Perfect cup of Coffee

Really enjoyed this dark roast; bold and smooth flavor.

Amazing coffee

Really enjoyed this coffee!

Katrina M
Amazing Decaf!

I can’t handle caffeine but love the flavor and aroma of coffee. I’m so glad I found this decaf– it has such a smooth but still robust flavor. And it makes a great espresso!

Fern Canyon!

Seems like every time we try a new (to us) coffee from Muddy Waters, we find a new favorite! We tried Fern Canyon because the description sounded yummy, and because my stepson, a California State Park Ranger, took us hiking there a while back. Every time I take a sip of Fern Canyon coffee, I am transported back to that beautiful, verdant place. Delicious coffee, lovely memory. What better way could there be to start the day!

Humboldt Blend
Lindy Johnson

Very good coffee