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Using 100% organic coffee beans, Chris roasts every bag that leaves the Muddy Waters headquarters. We have a 2002 30 Kilo Diedrich drum roaster.

His hands-on approach allows him to ensure the quality and freshness of every order.

All of our coffee is 100% USDA certified Organic

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Greeny Blues Blend Deep Blues Blend Humboldt Blend 2 lb Humboldt Blend Bali Blue Moon

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Here at Muddy Waters Coffee Co., our focus is on getting our customers the best Fair Trade coffee they’ve ever tasted at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Honduras Honey Process

The Soil, climate, and conditions in Honduras are similar to those in Guatemala, Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Light roasted to 410 degrees. The coffee beans for this naturally sweet, light roast are sourced from La Amistad farm in Costa Rica.

Bully Blend

Bully is big , bold and smooth. Fearless and stubborn, just like a the Bully Breeds.
Do you love dogs?

Big Foot

Developed with the help of executive chefs of the north coast.  The Bigfoot is legendary, especially in Humboldt County.

Humboldt Blend

A blend to take on the chilly mornings of the North Coast.  this coffee gets it's rich, earthy flavor from a blend of coffee


A blend of  different coffees, roasted to all 3 roast profiles, then blended together.  A rich , yet smooth blend suited for your every morning cup. 


Trevor Manchin 

Their coffee is excellent. Every delivery has been right on time.

It's so easy to make a change in my order. Chris is super to work with. I am very pleased to be dealing with a great local business.


Suzanne Woolbert

I love this coffee company!

Their coffee is delicious. I’m a die hard dark roast devotee BUT I’ve had a medium roast or two by this company that is yummy!

They deliver super quick, it’s fresh and perfect and they’re kind and easy to order from! Roast on!! 


Michael Carlotti 

Fantastic, locally roasted coffee at a great price, delivered promptly to my doorstep.

I cannot say enough good things about Muddy Waters. The best!! Thank you!