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The perfect decaf coffee.

This is my absolute favorite decaf coffee. I can't suggest it enough. I never start my morning without a cup. I also love the cause it supports!

Greeny won't make you feel Blue!

Obviously gave it a spin because of Kirk. Really enjoyed the flavor profile of the coffee; dark and smooth. Just the right amount of caffeine to get me through the never. If you are looking for a solid coffee with a taste that won't let you down and the right amount of caffeine to so you won't crash and burn after a few hours, Greeny Blues is for you.


The best part of my morning. Muddy Waters Breakfast blend is smooth and tasty. Each batch is consistent and fresh. I do a double shot, ground fresh for each, sans sweetener and with a wee bit of frothed cream. It is fantastic!

Greeny Blues Most Excellent

Hubby and I are really loving this blend !
Delicious roast that’s not just for mornings.

Have to order another bag!!!!

I was fortunate enough to snag a bag with the signed post card now I need more!!!