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james g
Metal themed coffee

Yea more heavy metal themed coffee! Not bad, was expecting a more "creeping death" or a "One" double bass, guitar shredding flavor. This coffee is more like a melodic parisienne walkways. 3 thumbs up

Bill Sewell
Not my favorite

I came back to Muddy Waters because my brother sent me a Christmas gift of you Coast Guard blend a couple years ago, and I loved it! I like a good dark roast and was hoping Greenie would be excellent also. I like it and will finish this order but probably won't order it again. Greenie is good, just not my favorite

Blaine Boxwell
Greeny Blues blend is smooth & delicious

I was never a fan of dark roast until I tried Greeny Blues blend, but I’m happy I tried it!

Greeny Blues Blend

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When Kirk Hammett wanted to find a way to combine two things that inspire him daily - coffee and the guitar known as " Greeny " - Muddy Waters Coffee Company offered a simple solution : coffee that was itself inspired by the legendary 1959 Les Paul made famous by Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green.  Coffee with notes and tones that will inspire you to have a musical day.
Our Greeny Blues Blend is a rich , full-bodied dark roast with notes of dark chocolate , earth and tropical fruit.
This Blend merges Indonesian and African beans for a deep flavor and complex finish.  Just the right amount of punch to keep you jamming all day long!
" Every Morning I want to wake up with the confidence that I'm going to be starting my day with coffee that holds quality in both taste and caffeination "
Kirk Hammett
A portion of proceeds will be donated to Crew Nation! 
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