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Gregg Healy
Bought it for the bag, love the coffee!!

Bought this because an iconic guitar was on label. Turned out to be a super high quality blend, strong but not too strong. No bitterness at all. I recommend using a finer grind if you buy the beans!! Oh Well!!

mike carrasco
Awesome Coffee

Bomb as fxck. Bold and rich with undertones of dark chocolate and molasses. not sweet, but very rich. pairs nicely with a fine cigar in the evening or as a bold wake up cup o joe in the morning.

Sam Hicks
Great coffee

This coffee is very nice. A good start to my day.

Greeny Blues Blend

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When Kirk Hammett wanted to find a way to combine two things that inspire him daily - coffee and the guitar known as " Greeny " - Muddy Waters Coffee Company offered a simple solution : coffee that was itself inspired by the legendary 1959 Les Paul made famous by Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green.  Coffee with notes and tones that will inspire you to have a musical day.
Our Greeny Blues Blend is a rich , full-bodied dark roast with notes of dark chocolate , earth and tropical fruit.
This Blend merges Indonesian and African beans for a deep flavor and complex finish.  Just the right amount of punch to keep you jamming all day long!
" Every Morning I want to wake up with the confidence that I'm going to be starting my day with coffee that holds quality in both taste and caffeination "
Kirk Hammett
A portion of proceeds will be donated to Crew Nation! 
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